10 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates For 2020

10 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates For 2020

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There are so many awesome developers and designers out there who have created amazing free resources using Bootstrap. We wanted to help spread the word and share their work with our readers. So, we compiled a list of free frontend templates that we thought are beautiful and worth sharing.

Reminder: please respect the license that these amazing free templates come with. You can find the license information on the links provided to the template's original source.

1. Cardio

Cardio Template

Cardio is one of my favorite lightweight templates by Tympanus.net. Although it advertises a gym-style business, it can be used for pretty much any type of business with just a few modifications.


3. Photography

Photography Template

Photography, as the name suggests, is a template for the great photographers out there. It provides a beautiful way to show case your pictures and work.


4. Flatfy

Faltfy Template

As a fan of flat design, this is a template that I personally like a lot. It's clean, simple, and utilizes CSS3 animations nicely.


5. Solid

Solid Template

Solid is a multipurpose template by Black Tie.


6. Appi

Appi Template

Appi by Black Tie is a great app advertising template. It's a one page design with big, bold, eye catching headers.


9. Shield

Shield Template

Shield by Black Tie is a comprehensive landing page with great features and beautiful design.


10. Knight

Knight Template

Last but not least, Knight, a free one page template from Bootstrap Paste


11. Landing Zero (Extra!)

Landing Zero Template

Landing Zero is a new addition to this list. It is designed by BootstrapZero. We liked it because it offers a video background and looks like a perfect landing page for startups. We hope you like it too!


Sponsored Premium Templates

For those of you who would prefer an affordable template that comes with support and doesn't require attribution, here are a few that I really find interesting and worth having.

1. Senseras ― $15

Torus Template

Senseras is a brand new front-end multipurpose theme on ThemeQuarry. It's design is simple and elegant. It includes designs for blogs, business landing pages and e-commerce shops. Be sure to check it out now and let us know what you think.


2. Edura ― $16

Poncho Template

Edurs is a premium template with multiple layout options. It's great for anyone who wants to showcase her/his work in a bold and beautiful manner. The many options and alternative use cases they provide, makes it as easy as possible to add your content and launch your site.


3. Smarty ― $18

Smarty Template

Smarty is a full-featured multipurpose template that includes both frontend and backend designs. If you are looking for an all-in-one package, then Smarty is for you. The template contains designs for blogs, portfolios, administration panel, single pages and many more! It's unbelievable how comprehensive this template is. It is loved by many and we hope you'll love it too.


Edited August, 3 2016.