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6 April, 2023

10 All-Around ASP.NET Templates 2023

If you want to make great development happen with less effort, these ASP.NET templates are your ideal solutions.

Skip doing your research since we did all the hard work instead.

With that in mind, you can opt for any template you find below.

They all work like a charm, based on a solid and reliable code.

However, if you want to make any changes, upgrades or improvements, go for it!

These ASP.NET templates are here for you. You can take them to your total advantage, without feeling any limitations.

Hint: We even have a few free alternatives below.

Best ASP.NET Templates For Powerful Apps

1. Skote

skote aspnet template

With hundreds of downloads and multiple possible design variations, Skote is one of the leading admin templates for a reason.

Following the necessary regulations, you will find it a breeze to use and tailor to your needs. Even if you work on multiple client projects, Skote will do the trick without doubt.

You can select between dark and light modes, RTL, and LTR positioning, you name it!

Skote uses only the latest technologies that make it perform fast and adapt to all modern devices and screen sizes. Start your new project immediately without kicking things off from scratch.

2. Minible

minible template

Minible is an ASP.NET and MVC5 dashboard template that works for small and large applications. The modern and minimal design also ensures it quick adaptation to your different intentions.


You can customize the default configurations, making Minible fit your needs to a tee.

Some more features include five chart styles, Sketch and Adobe XD fikes, quick support and over seven functional apps.

Note: If you like the design and other features of Minible, you can also get it in various formats, aside from ASP.NET.

You can also preview Minible first and move from there.

3. Rini

rini aspnet template

Rini is a .NET admin template based on Bootstrap and includes a broad selection of practical features and functions. It comes in different design styles, so there’s a good chance you’ll find the right one out of the box.

You can even create a dashboard for RTL-speaking countries.

Other goodies contain six applications, compatibility with mobile devices and web browsers and heaps of custom components.

Rini also ensures your admin dashboard stays up to date for years to come thanks to regular updates. We enjoyed reviewing Rini and all the secret perks that come along.

Rini is here to make a difference.

4. AspStudio

aspstudio template

AspStudio is a powerful ASP.NET template that knows no bounds. In other words, you can employ this tool for almost any application you work on without difficulty.

AspStudio is based on Bootstrap 5 and other modern technologies that keep it in tune with the latest trends.

The clean and original style ensures an excellent experience browsing through different stats and other details. You can also choose from over fifty color styles or introduce your own.

You can mix and match over thirty pages and thirty plugins, all working together perfectly. Finally, all your work with AspStudio will be easy due to user-friendly code.

5. Postman

postman aspnet template

May the name of the next admin template not fool you. Postman may not be directly associated with anything post-related, but you can use it to build a web application that tracks your post stuff, like parcels, orders, whatever.

But really, you can use Postman for all sorts of other intentions, too. No need to stick to only one type of project.

Postman delivers many specialties, like chat application, event management and project management. Another cool feature are the available Bootstrap 5 and Bootstrap 4 zip files.

If you dig something slightly different, a neat design approach, Postman is it!

6. Metrica

metrica template

Are you searching for a bright, minimal and light ASP.NET template? If so, you’ll find everything you need in Metrica.

This powerful alternative is perfect for boosting your workflow and ending up with a powerful dashboard that will move mountains.

By default, Metrica comes with different styles, like analytics, CRM, crypto, and helpdesk. There are more, plus, all are 100% editable! Something for everyone.

The layout of Metrica is entirely responsive and optimized for a great experience.

Even though a really solid admin, the only downside is the infrequent updates. Still, you can access the support team, which offers a helping hand anytime.

7. Material

material template

Before we proceed with free ASP.NET templates, here is a free and pro solution that comes in both versions. Meet Material.

This neat and great tool is a pack of many components, plugins and example pages. If you dig it aesthetically, you are good to go with Material no matter how many projects you work on.

Material adapts with ease!

But there’s a catch. It comes with three pricing options, starting with Freelancer (which only supports one project, which is a bummer!). For unlimited projects, you at least need to go with the Company plan for $199.

8. Material (Free)

material free template

Okay, here it is, the free .NET template. If you are unsure about using Material’s premium version immediately, this is a great way to test things out.

You still get thirty elements, two plugins and seven example pages. Not bad at all!

You can now start with creating a new web application, website, software or something else without opening your wallet first.

The code structure is newbie-friendly, so it’s great even if you are starting with ASP.NET. Also, you get full-blown documentation with all the necessary information for smooth development.

Get the ball rolling now with Material.

9. Vue Argon

vue argon aspnet template

Vue Argon is a special free dashboard template that’s completely open source. No need to pay a fee and start from scratch – sing me in!

As a free alternative, Vue Argon still equips you with one hundred elements and components!

You have the freedom to create your thing exactly as you want. But you can also exclusively focus on using the default material as-is. (Save even more time!)

Fun fact: while you normally don’t get support with free products, Creative-Tim will help you with basic questions by typing them in the comment section on the Vue Argon page.

10. Argon (FREE)

argon template

Argon is a Bootstrap 4 admin template for ASP.NET with only the latest technologies, great designs and useful features. Over 14k users downloaded it and it comes with a high 4.90/5 rating.

This template has many advantages that ensure great development and an excellent outcome. Argon sorts front-end and back-end for your convenience.

You can customize every element further, so the admin panel follows the necessary branding directions.

But first, review the live demo preview first-hand. I know I’ll do it one more time because I like all Argon does. I’m sure you’ll, too!

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10 All-Around ASP.NET Templates 2023

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