20 Basic HTML Templates 2021

20 Basic HTML Templates 2021

When you decide to create an establishment online, it will make you feel like it is some sort of a hurdle. Now if you will develop a website, you need to first have some coding expertise. You may as well employ an expert to do the job for you. There is also a need to obtain a domain, find hosting, and carry on a load of stuff for you to effectively work on it. The good thing is that things can get easier and simpler when you consider basic HTML Templates. In any of these templates that you choose, you can design and get your web organization as easy and fast as possible.


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Built for freelancers, bloggers, and shops, Stencil is a multi-purpose basic HTML template. This is perfect for those who want professional designs to be pixel-perfect. One more thing is that this template is a base for a website built.

As it works well on almost handheld devices, it is even more fully responsive when used. Shop businesses, blogging businesses, and portfolio will benefit more from this one.

What more, editing is just made easy on your part. Of course, you need to have basic knowledge of CSS, JS, and HTML. Featuring thirty-four unique pages, premium designs, Bootstrap 4, Google Fonts, Black and white templates, and detailed documentation, it’s more likely that you will want to use it.

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The Conference

For spectacular and fantastic HTML templates, The Conference is the best option to ever consider. The name itself already could explain to you what you need to know about it. You will be impressed and amazed by its live preview page. You will also get a complete understanding of how you will obtain a free tool. This has its functional page that can run in little to no time at all.

With pricing tables and plans, a parallax effect, it’s something that you will definitely be amazed of. This has its CTA buttons including an events calendar. The inner page is features will give speakers a shine they most deserve to have. Keep others updated with the blog section of the Conference.

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The Lista Shop

basic html templates

Sell online products in a clean way possible using Lista Shop. This one is a basic HTML templates that can help you push your products and have them viewed by the people.

Perfect as it is equipped and packed with so many features; realize how it can become your best choice of template. It will cover the process of how your site is created. It is also done a lot easier establishing a page.

Start discovering the entire system of Listashop. That is the only way that you could start blogging. Announce all those new drops and introduce content marketing for the success of your online business.

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Designed to perfectly fit for a food-blog, restaurant, and cafe website, Gastro, is simply the versatile HTML template to ever think of. It is multi-purpose and is fully responsive. It also comes retina-ready and is unlimited and even more customized. Its distinct feature is none other than the restaurant-feature element of HTML food menu, recipe template for food blogging, and online reservation.

Limitless possible are simply brought to you when creating a website. It is due to the reason that it highlights 40+basic elements. These can serve as a good foundation for a website. Be fully in control of every template, layout, and element. Moreover, save, modify, and create your template and section as you like it.

If you own a fast food stall, a cocktail bar, or a Michelin-star restaurant, you can always consider this as one of the basic HTML templates to meet your needs. This best applies to hotdog truck, dining restaurant, coffee roasters, sushi bar, and homemade bakery.

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Perfectly suitable for a freelancer or designer like you, Qusq HTML is one important tool to consider. This is a unique and colorful portfolio that can help you show off your creative work in style. It also mainly covers pages related to a portfolio website.

As per the HTML files, they are built with the use of the latest technologies like Sass, Bower, Gulp, and Node.js. Among those pages included are the following: Blog Classic, Blog Detail, Portfolio Detail (Left, Right, and Default), The Team, About, Shortcodes, Contacts Alt, Contacts, 404 Error Page, and Search Results.

And all of the main features it is known to offer to include responsive layout, masonry portfolio, working PHP contact form, pixel-perfect and retina ready design, modern and flat design, jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5, Parallax Portfolio and Blog, iPhone, iPad, and mobile-ready. It is also SEO optimized and it has gulp, bower, and Node.js.

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A very basic HTML template, Start is more needed if you operate a business. It has its ten different demos while it covers all essential features of your business website. A complete website is already offered to you especially if your business is just starting up.

Included in it are ten different demos. When you decide to have it, you will get the new start demos. Surprisingly, it offers a lot of features such as the revolution slider, multi-layer Parallax, Custom Icon Font, Contact Form, 56+ blog pages, 200+portfolio pages, 800+ pre-built HTML pages, Bootstrap 3.3.x, Isotope, sticky menu and mega menu, filterable portfolio, and easy to use shortcodes and elements. You can’t wait for sure to have this one out on your website.

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The Order

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When looking for one of the best basic HTML templates, The Order is the right for you. This features a lot of excellent assets and features for you to create the right space for your web. You will for sure stand out from the rest of the crowd. Even building a good online appearance is a lot easier. This is one way for you to attract a new clientele. Never miss out the opportunity of what this brings to your business.

The Order is the right tool you need to use for your website. Its template is dependent upon the Bootstrap and reveals content on the scroll. It also has the whole page for those cases won. Start your law blog to reach more of your potential clients.

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Strongly push your medical services by having MedArt by your side. This is a free medical HTML template that can get you connected more to a broader audience. This website is freshly-designed that lets more patients find you from the rest of the websites.

MedArt is created to be professional, elegant, and clean. This has all the necessary elements for your web and a whole lot more. You will only exert a little effort and work for it to become a fully-functional website. One more thing is that it comes with appointment form, width slider, awesome testimonials section, working form, full-blown contact page, and more.

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Unapp is a free business app website template. This can bring your project online. And this can be shared as well with the people. You will succeed with wanting others to see your product. You won’t need to come up with your design. There is also no need to invest more time into it. This HTML template can do the job for you.

What more, this is intended for applications of all types. This will also help you to incorporate content marketing and a blog. Thus, you will find it easy expanding your web presence in an online shop. Your imagination will have a chance in the use of Unapp. And there will be no limits if you want to establish a web space for your business application.

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Try something basic HTML templates like ARTEM. Find out how trendy and creative this can be for your digital agency. It’s something needed by resumes, creative agencies, architects, and more. Like it more as it is backed by modern technologies. And yes, it is true that it has an amazing animation to make your project simply one of the best.

Built following an updated Bootstrap 4 framework, BEM, SASS, this is a template this is great on your device. This one is also available in two different color schemes of dark and light. Moreover, it is well-documented and easy for you to use.

The unique features that make it more amazing as a template include Blog Include (x2), modern animation, detailed UI, ultra modern and minimalistic design, working AJAX subscriptions Form, and Extended Documentation.

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Hostrocket WHMCS & HTML Template

A well-documented and responsive HTML template, Hostrocket WHMCS & HTML template is exactly what you need. It comes with video support, testimonial slider, retina ready, amazing support, WHMCS integration, HTML5 animation, font icons, domain search, scroll menu, and more.

In any web hosting project you have, it can be simply be done in a beautiful way. It can best offer you a chance to get the landing page ready in just a few minutes. You will just need basic skills in HTML so you can edit it.

The video and testimonials support only make it sure to you that it is usable and dependable. Plus, you can get the support you need in any issue that you face.

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