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30 January, 2023

14 Free Under Construction Website Templates 2023

Since you are redesigning or building a new web project, these under construction website templates will be exceptionally handy.

We went on a hunt to collect multiple designs you can now use and reuse as many times as you want.


We decided to put the main focus of this collection on free templates. Why?

Since an under construction page is more of a quick fix (which you can use strategically for collecting leads), a free tool will do the trick easily.

Not to mention, the ones we managed to pick are more premium than anything else.

That’s it! Announce that something bigger and better is coming with style.

Best Under Construction Website Templates

Hintio (Premium)

hintio coming soon template
Hintio is a very serious deal with its combination of coming soon and landing page templates. Of course, you can comfortably use it to create an under construction page, too.

This tool does things with a creative touch in mind. It also includes many great features, like animated background, swiper slider, MailChimp subscription form and countdown timer.

With the four core sections, you can display about, portfolio, contact, location and more. You can easily tweak things, add your branding and make Hintio match your web project to a tee.

Con: We wish the author would update it more frequently.

Balti (Premium)

balti coming soon template
Balti is our second most favorite premium under construction website template. With a whopping collection of 38 templates, Balti delivers heaps of material that you can use to work on one or ten upcoming pages.

And you unlock even more options and possibilities with easy customizations. Balti’s code is lightweight and well-structured, perfect for beginners and great for experts. Note: you get documentation and six months’ worth of free access to support.

With eight background styles, you can make things either extremely minimal or go fancy with different effects. Last but not least, you also get Ajax subscription and contact forms.

Oomph (Premium)

oomph coming soon template
Even though it may not be placed on the first spot, Oomph is secretly my personal favorite. It’s simple, clean but modern and creative.

Oomph equips you with twelve samples, three color skins and four content sections. That’s more than enough for an under construction website template.

However, Oomph rocks even more, just so you get to create a truly impressive page. If you are announcing something huge, you need to announce it like a boss.

And especially if you also plan to collect leads with Oomph – make it attention-grabbing. Which, of course, you will with Oomph!

Coming Soon V01

coming soon 1
Okay, we’re now all about the free under construction templates. Coming Soon V01 is a creative one but not too creative. Or minimal but not too minimal. Does that make sense?

By using Bootstrap, the beautiful layout smoothly reshapes to different screen sizes. You’ll notice that it goes from horizontal on desktop to vertical on mobile. (You may need to try it first to notice the difference.)

Coming Soon V03

coming soon 3
The wide variety of different under construction/coming soon pages makes it easy picking the right one for your project.

Coming Soon V03 is an excellent example with a boxy look, a countdown timer and a newsletter subscription form. You can add your logo and some extra text, letting the user know what’s happening. And what to expect shortly.

Make it exciting with Coming Soon V03!

Coming Soon V04

coming soon 4
Coming Soon V04 is very minimal but the gradient background effect spices thing up. Remember, you can tweak it, even if it means changing the background color. You are welcome to use everything else as-is.

What’s cool about Coming Soon V04 is the newsletter pop-up that appears after clicking the “follow us” button. The only thing I’d wished is that the countdown timer would get slightly smaller on mobile, so the numbers would be in line.

Coming Soon V07

coming soon 7
For everyone who’s digging the gradient effect but finds the previous template too minimal, here’s Coming Soon V07. It features a background image, social media icons, text, form and countdown timer.

It features all the necessities to integrate it into your web project quickly without making too many improvements to tailor it to your needs.

Coming Soon V09

coming soon 9
Coming Soon V09 may not feel anything special at first glance. Wait for it! The entire background appears as a slideshow, which makes things SPECIAL. Also, we like the font choice and bold numbers.

Moreover, Coming Soon V09 lets you link your under construction page to your favorite social media profiles. It comes with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons by default.

Coming Soon V10

coming soon 10
Would you like another free under construction website template with a background slider? You’re in luck as Coming Soon V10 is just that but different compared to the previous one.

The more options, the better! And that’s what this list delivers.

The vertical countdown timer on the desktop is also cool about Coming Soon V10. Do you know what would make this free design truly extraordinary? If it already comes with a newsletter/sign-up/login pop-up by default (after clicking the “sign-up” button).

Coming Soon V12

coming soon 12
Coming Soon V12 has a nice split-screen layout that will make your under construction page pop. But it’s not just any split design.

The right section with the image is a slider. How cool is that? You can include any images you want to make things even more engaging.

There’s no countdown timer in this case, but Coming Soon V12 does come with a predefined lead form with autofill.

Coming Soon V13

coming soon 13
Yes, sliders are popular, so we’re adding another under construction website template that does things the right way. Coming Soon V13 rocks a background slideshow with a countdown timer at the top and email opt-in at the bottom of the page.

Moreover, you also see a preset play button, which you can use to include a pop-up video (but that’s something you’d need to code yourself). Or you can simply delete it if you don’t need it.

Coming Soon V14

coming soon 14
When it comes to the under construction page, it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to pay any special attention to it or not. If you’re unsure about the design, Coming Soon V14 comes right between the basic/minimal and creative/fancy one.

You can add an image, social links and opt-in form that requires just the email address. Coming Soon V14 also keeps things simple without a countdown timer. The user needs to sign-up to receive the updates.

Coming Soon V16

coming soon 16
Immediately you get a fancier option for your under construction/coming soon section with Coming Soon V16.

While I won’t describe what’s hot about Coming Soon V16, I’ll mention the special countdown timer. It features a circular progress bar, which is not something you see daily.

Con: I would work on the mobile version some more, reducing the size of each section, so they don’t cover an entire screen.

Coming Soon V19

coming soon 19
This is something I am looking forward to it very much. Coming Soon V19 is a dark under construction website template. Any fans of dark/black designs out there?

You now don’t need to create such a page from scratch, as you can download Coming Soon V19 free of charge.

The split layout features image on the left and text, form and social buttons on the right. The core is easy to work with since Coming Soon V19 features a beginner-friendly code.

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