Control Sidebar Plugin

The control sidebar component is part of AdminLTE's layout as the right sidebar.


This plugin can be activated using the data-api or jQuery. To activate the plugin, you must first add the HTML markup to your layout, then create the toggle button as shown below.

HTML Markup

Data Api

Add data-toggle="control-sidebar" to any button or a element to activate the plugin. All options can be passed using the data api. Example: data-slide="false".


Just like all other AdminLTE plugins, you can also activate the toggle button using jQuery by running the following example.


Name Type Default Description
Slide Boolean true Whether the sidebar should slide over the content or push the content to make space for itself.


Name Description
expanded.controlsidebar Triggered after the control sidebar is expanded.
collapsed.controlsidebar Triggered after the control sidebar is collapsed.

Example: $('#toggle-button').on('expanded.controlsidebar', handleExpandedEvent)


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