Toasts Plugin

The toasts plugin provides simple functionality to create easily a bootstrap toast.


This plugin can be activated as a jQuery plugin.


The jQuery API provides more customizable options that allows the developer to handle checking and unchecking the todo list checkbox events.

$(document).Toasts('create', {
  title: 'Toast Title',
  body: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr.'
Name Type Default Description
position String Position.TOP_RIGHT Position of the toast, available options: topRight, topLeft, bottomRight & bottomLeft
fixed Boolean true Whether to set toasts container fixed.
autohide Boolean false Whether to auto hide toast
autoremove Boolean true Whether to auto remove toast after closing
delay Integer 1000 Auto Hide delay
fade Boolean true Whether to fade toast
icon String null Icon class (e.g. fas fa-exclamation-triangle)
image String null Image url
imageAlt String null Image alt
imageHeight String ‘25px’ Image size of toast
title String null Title of toast
subtitle String null Subtitle of toast
close Boolean true Whether to add close button to toast
body String null Body of toast
class String null Additional classes for the toast

All event are sent to body.

Event Type  Description
init.lte.toasts   Fired when constructor is done
created.lte.toasts   Fired when the toast is created
removed.lte.toasts   Fired when the toast is removed

Example: $('body').on('created.lte.toast', handleCreateEvent)

Method Description
create  Creates a toast

Example: $(document).Toasts('create', {title: 'Toast Title'})