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13 February, 2023

10 Top Bootstrap Login Forms 2023

Waste no time and enjoy our hand-selected Bootstrap login forms that easily apply to multiple projects you work on.

Every layout perfectly harmonizes with all modern devices, ensuring great performance. We also made sure to pick widgets with clean and user-friendly code.

Yes, these templates are for everyone, newbies and experts.

On top of that, they are all free of charge, so you can also use them for learning and creating quick prototypes.

The options are endless.

Even though they may cost nothing, that does not necessarily mean you are limited.

You can still perform adjustments and customization tweaks.

Make a login form that follows your regulations. Comfortably!

Best All-Around Free Bootstrap Login Forms

1. Login Form V20

colorlib login form 20
This is our all-time favorite login form template, which you can now take to your advantage without spending a single penny.

The template rocks a full-screen image background with traditional and social login options.

While you can use it as is, you can also step in with your creative touches and modify the layout according to your liking.

2. Login Form V18

colorlib login form 18
But if you are interested in a simpler solution for your login page, grab Login Form 18. It’s not too basic but still keeps things on the minimal side.

The widget is 100% compatible with all modern devices, beautifully adjusting to different screen sizes.

You can test things out by heading to the live demo before you hit the download button.

3. Login Form V16

colorlib login form 16
Login Form 16 has a horizontal design on desktop and vertical on mobile. The split approach distributes different fields and sections beautifully for a better user experience.

Moreover, this Bootstrap login form comes with autofill and validation functions by default. Plus, you can also activate Facebook and Twitter icons for social logins. So simple yet so powerful and practical.

4. Login Form V14

colorlib login form 14
Whether you run a personal website, a photography page, or even something else, Login Form V14 will be exceptionally handy.

Along with the form section, the template also offers you to include an image, which can be anything you want.

You also get predefined social icons, remember me and forgot password buttons. And, you can guide a new user to your sign-up section.

5. Login Form V12

colorlib login form 12
Here is as vibrant Bootstrap login form as possible. But really, it’s just the background color that makes it so. If you want, you can change it to any backdrop you want, even black.

We dig the transparent format, which easily integrates with your website theme, without requiring too many edits and configurations.

6. Login Form V10

colorlib login form 10
Login Form V10 gives every user two options to log in: with email and password or with their favorite social profile. As for the latter, it has three default options: Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

The fluid layout of this Bootstrap login form is in perfect harmony with smartphones, tablets and desktops. The positioning changes depending on the screen size you view it on (horizontal and vertical).

7. Login Form V08

colorlib login form 08
There are no limits to who can activate Login Form V08. It is a highly adaptive free Bootstrap login form that caters to different projects and platforms without hassle.

You can even use the out-of-the-box version, change the color of the button and checkbox and that’s it.

Additionally, the text is editable, so you can add any title and message you want.

8. Login Form V06

colorlib login form 06
Do you need more Bootstrap login form solutions with an option to add an image? Login Form V06 is another excellent example that you can now put into practice without spending a penny.

Your login page will be outstanding, whether you employ this design’s default spec or customize it further.

The bold, full-screen format creates a pleasant experience on every device. The coding structure is also very user-friendly, perfect for beginners and experts.

9. Login Form V04

colorlib login form 04
Don’t miss this one if you are still picking the right template for your login page. Note: It’s secretly my favorite (but don’t tell anyone).

The image section is on the left side as it would be a sidebar, but it jumps to the top/header section on mobile.

Login Form V04 has a clean design that requires little work when customizing and embedding it into your website.

10. Login Form V02

colorlib login form 02
You will immediately notice the similarity that this and the previous Bootstrap login forms sport. Still, they are quite different (if that even makes sense?!).

Login Form V02 has an evenly split design, with the form on the left and the image on the right. But this format changes on smaller screen sizes.

Like the other forms on this list, this one also comes with a highly practical auto-complete function.

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