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15 February, 2023

13 Best Bootstrap Form Templates 2023

You don’t need to do the work of picking the right Bootstrap form templates anymore. We reviewed and tested them, collecting only the most reliable ones for your convenience.

Ths collection brings you a wide variety of forms for:

  • Registration
  • Booking
  • Contact
  • Login
  • And more

NOTE: All these snippets are free of charge!

All the Bootstrap forms use only the latest technologies and ensure complete responsiveness. The code is also organized and well-structured, great for beginners and experts.

Embed a form into your web application confidently using any of the templates below.

Versatile Bootstrap Form Templates

1. Colorlib Booking Form

colorlib regform 25
Online room booking comes in extra handy when running a travel website or operating an accommodation business. That’s exactly what you can make happen with this neat template.

The free snippet features an image background with a clean code that contains drop-downs and date pickers. There’s also a checkbox, which you can alter to your needs accordingly.

The layout is also 100% responsive, but the background image disappears on mobile.

2. Colorlib Booking Form V15

colorlib booking 15
Making online reservations simplifies the way how you operate your business. This Bootstrap form template rocks a modern design that you can use for resorts, hotels, in fact, any accommodation business works.

After all, while you can employ the template out-of-the-box, you can also customize it. Multiple fields ensure a smooth selection of dates, rooms, adults and children. You can even test it by visiting the live demo preview.

3. Colorlib Booking Form V13

colorlib booking 13
Two things are special about this particular Bootstrap form template. First, it’s dark. And second, it’s for taxi booking. But really, any car rental and booking service can integrate this form into their web application.

Different fields cover all the necessary information a cab driver needs to pick you up. It even comes with pickup date and time fields, which are essential.

4. Colorlib Contact Form V23

colorlib contact form 23
We are now moving forward with different Bootstrap contact form templates. Here’s a super modern solution that may fit only a specific type of website. But you can easily employ it to go entirely against the grain.

Hey, it’s free!

Moreover, the widget features autocomplete and a button with a hover effect to spice things up a little bit. For your convenience, lightweight code and quick modifications are also part of the template.

5. Contact Form V15

contact form 15
Simplicity and cleanness are always the winning choices. Especially if you an in doubt, not knowing what design approach to take.

Contact Form V15 is a perfect solution to add a contact section to your page. The minimal form also comes with two additional sections for contact details and company info/address.

6. Contact Form V09

contact form 09
While light and bright Bootstrap form templates are more popular, users still enjoy dark design. We have you covered with Contact Form V09!

It’s a relatively simple contact form widget with a touch of luxury (gold!). But if you would like to alter typography and color selection, feel free to make it happen.

These free templates are here for you, to get the most out of them. Even if that means to tweak them slightly.

7. Contact Form V06

contact form 06
There are many occasions when Google Maps integration and a contact form work together very well. Contact Form V06 by Colorlib is the way to go for you if that’s something you are after.

Aside from the two main sections, form and maps, you can add other extra details, like address, phone number, email and website link. The template also greatly adapts to different devices, ensuring smooth operation on mobile and desktop.

8. Login Form 18

login form v18
From contact forms, we now move forward to login forms. Login Form 18 is a flexible and fluid option based on Bootstrap Framework that everyone can embed into their websites comfortably.

The tool has a split-screen design, with image on one side and form on the other. But this changes on mobile, featuring the form only (removing the image section).

9. Login Form V20

login form 20
Our of all the Bootstrap login form templates on this list, Login Form V20 is our favorite for sure. Transparent design with an image background makes a pleasant atmosphere.

You can now make it yours with a click on the button. Along with the traditional username and email login, Login Form V20 also includes social login buttons for Facebook and Twitter. To make it more user friendly, the author also activated the autocomplete function.

10. Login Form V12

login form 12
Similar to the previous one, Login Form V12 also comes with a transparent form but a solid color background. Pretty vibrant by default, but you can change that and go with any color you want. (That color hurts my eyes.)

Since the design is minimal, you can easily integrate Login Form V12 into your web project. You may only need to change the color selection but leave all the rest as is.

11. Reg Form V32

regform 32
For the user to use a login form, they first need to create an account. That’s when you opt for these free Bootstrap registration form templates.

Reg Form V32 is the one we want to start with. A neat widget with an image section that works fantastically well for anyone. We like the fact that both sections remain (image and form), whether you view it on desktop or on mobile.

Make it pop with the image!

12. Reg Form V26

regform 26
Reg Form V26 is a cool Bootstrap form template which design sets it apart from any other solution available on the market. The only downside is the mobile appearance change, which looks super basic compared to the desktop version.

However, you are good to go if your users primarily come from desktop devices. The widget includes five fields and a button that reacts on hover.

13. Signup Form V10

signup form 10
Registration can happen with an email or with a social media account. If you would like to offer both, go with Signup Form V10.

It’s a simple and basic solution, but you don’t need to go fancy with a registration form/page. Still, it’s entirely up to you what you like and prefer.

Hint: Since these form templates do not cost you a dime, feel free to pick two (or more) and test them against each other. You never know what your users prefer more. Maybe the one you think will work best ends up the least performing.

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