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5 January, 2023

10 Most Powerful Dashboard Templates 2023

With many unreliable dashboard templates available on the market, we dug deeper, reviewed multiple, and made this list of the best 10.

In short, every template here is SAFE and SOUND.

Just plug and play.

You will win big times with your project, even as a beginner. This is because we made sure to bring you only the templates with an organized and easy-to-understand code.

BUT. You can read through the documentation, too. Or get in touch with professional support.

A POWERFUL admin panel for your website or application is right around the corner.

What’s important is that you can use these tools for small and large apps, super niche or general.

Best Admin Templates For Any Dashboard

Admindek (Most popular)

admindek admin template
Admindek is one of the most popular templates for admins available on the market. What’s cool about this tool is that it works fantastically well for numerous applications and websites.

You can go niche, general, whatever.

One of the reasons it’s so adaptable is because of the amazing customization capabilities. You can work with Admindek out-of-the-box, but you can also modify it entirely.

With the different options available, you can come up with the right look for your particular task.

Admindek costs $69, but the material you get makes it a real bargain.

ArchitectUI (Our Top Pick)

architectui admin template
ArchitectUI is a fine dashboard template with a clean and modern design, creating a distraction-free experience. You can work with any of the five ready-made dashboards and multiple predefined color skins.

Note: you can see and try different variations by accessing the live demo preview.

Another cool feature of ArchitectUI is the ability to fix (or unfix) header, sidebar and footer.

HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap 5 are the technologies that ArchitectUI uses. It guarantees a top-notch performance on all modern devices, platforms and web browsers.

Go and make a difference quickly with as little effort as possible – thanks, ArchitectUI!


adminty admin template
You have no limits when it comes to the usability of Adminty. Use it for anything, websites, applications, SaaS, you name it.

Adminty creates a pleasant experience when it comes to displaying statistics and any other information. It’s a tool that stands out from the list with its neat, gradient details.

Of course, you can quickly and effortlessly alter the default color setting. Play with the available skins or introduce your custom tones – it’s entirely up to you.

Adminty contains 100s of elements, ready-made dashboard styles and extensive documentation. Depending on your license, you also get six months, twelve months or lifetime support.


kero admin template
Kero is an exclusive jQuery, HTML and Bootstrap 5 dashboard template that knows no bounds. Thanks to the great coding and easy editing, you can swiftly tailor it to your project.

Even if you work on multiple apps and sites simultaneously, you can tailor Kero for each individually. No need to get multiple templates if you don’t want to.

The possible color combination and other options are endless. You can always go one step further and introduce your creative touch, add additional elements (if necessary) and make something extraordinary out of Kero.

It’s all DOABLE!


fiori admin template
Any horizontal layouts on the horizon? I’m glad you asked that. Meet Fiori.

This remarkable dashboard template is currently our only pick that features horizontal navigation. Something that’s not too traditional when it comes to admin panels.

What’s awesome about Fiori is the sticky navbar, which comes always accessible, whether viewing it on mobile or on desktop.

Also, with Fiori, you will create a clean and minimal dashboard that delivers a pleasant experience.

Reviewing tons of statistics, reports and other data has never been so much fun. (But this applies to all the other templates on this list, too).

User Management

user management dashboard template
If you have an app, website or software that deals with tons of users, User Management makes sense to use. It’s an excellent, flexible, beginner-friendly template for building a powerful admin panel.

Go big or go small, it does not matter, User Management adapts to all types of projects.

You can track activities, sales, products, visitors and tons more with User Management. It includes hundreds of elements, dark and light sidebar, color skins and more.

Every User Management user also gets documentation and accesses to Slack channel, forums and private Github repository.

Manage users of any capacity and keep your project organized to the last detail with a killer admin.


directory admin template
When working on a directory or listings platforms, you must sort out a solid dashboard. To the right thing and pick Directory. This offers you to save plenty of time, as you avoid building an admin from scratch entirely.

Directory also keeps things on the minimal side, which we like a lot in dashboards. You already have a ton of information, so you know you don’t want to complicate with the design too much.

The template works for personal and commercial projects. You can also get it in two different licenses, Personal and Developer. Or you can purchase all DashboardPack’s templates with a Lifetime license.


sales admin template
Sales is a self-explanatory dashboard template, sorting you out with sales and finance data monitoring. Websites and applications, even SaaS, Sales handles them all with ease.

Cool animations, a back-to-top button, three dashboard styles and tons of elements await you in the Sales kit.

It will be a little breeze mixing and matching the available. But you can also perform modification tweaks (that’s optional).

Sales already comes with so much STUFF, you’ll likely find all the necessary. Unless you’re building something that goes against the grain.

No worries, Sales handles it all, you just need to take action.


hospital admin template
You need to have an overview of your hospital website or medical application for the success you’d like to attain. Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re doing. Hospital is the dashboard template that will help you achieve this.

Create an admin that is exactly to your liking. It will be fast because Hospital already comes with a minimal look, easily adapting to different projects by default.

Thanks to the latest technologies, you don’t need to worry about amazing performance. Hospital has excellent operation as-is, so you only focus on the finishing touches.

Grow any medical project with Hospital comfortably.


analytic dashboard template
Create your own analytics dashboard and don’t rely on 3rd-party platforms and software with Analytic. This extensible dashboard template is great for any application you are busy working on.

The canvas has a very mobile-friendly design that adapts to different devices flawlessly. The experience is always great.

In the bundles of VERY MANY features, latest technologies and newbie-friendly code, you know right away you’ll win with Analytic. I also dig the cool toggle that minimizes the sidebar navigation for an even clearer data overview.

Create an analytics dashboard that will help grow your business to new heights. Now.


finance admin template
Finance is another niche-specific dashboard template for monitoring sales and other financial statistics. Once you sort out an admin panel, everything becomes a lot easier.

You can do it all from one location, no matter how much information you plan to track. With Finance!

The template is packed with useful material you can use in its default configuration. Still, you have the right to make adjustments and customizations so that Finance fits your app to a tee.

Note: just like other tools are regularly updated, so is Finance. Always up-to-date! (Otherwise, it wouldn’t end up on this list.)

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