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8 June, 2022

11 Popular Bootstrap Portfolio Templates 2022

You can start working on your web presence immediately with these predefined Bootstrap portfolio templates.

We studied many available solutions on the market but found out that not all are as reliable as they say they are.

But that’s not something to worry about with this collection of good web designs.

You can be a freelancer, photographer, programmer, designer, whatever – these templates will make an immediate difference.

They all use only the latest technologies and ensure exceptional performance across all devices and platforms.

Skip the process of starting from the ground up, when you can enjoy a quick start with a ready-to-use template.

There’s no right or wrong choice. It’s more personal preference, but we like the first three the most!

Best Bootstrap Portfolio Templates

Portfolio 2

portfolio 2 bootstrap portfolio template
Portfolio 2 is the second edition of Colorlib’s popular template for building powerful online portfolio websites. It offers you a quick solution to set up an online presence that will impress and inspire all your visitors.

Instead of starting from the ground up, you can now save heaps of time. You will enjoy a speedy website execution if you decide to stick to the default configuration.

Just light design tweaks and you are all set to rock and roll.

Portfolio 2 is also equipped with the latest technologies to guarantee a performance that will take your site experience to the next level.


glint bootstrap portfolio template
Glint is another of our favorite Bootstrap portfolio template that makes an immediate difference. Why even go through the hassle of starting from square one if you don’t have to?

You will achieve just as amazing a result with a ready-to-use site canvas!

And Glint is excellent proof of that.

You can first preview the live demo, which gives you a better understanding of how awesome Glint is. Too awesome!

Some of the features you get are the parallax effect, on scroll content loading, back to top button and animated statistics. This is just a small segment of all the goodies that make Glint oh special.


jackco bootstrap portfolio template
Jackco is a bright, vibrant and modern Bootstrap website template for portfolios of all kinds. No matter what you specialize in, you can promote yourself to the world in the best possible light.

Jackco is here for all of you! The code structure is also very beginner-friendly, so you can quickly and comfortably get the most out of Jackco.

What’s cool about Jackco is the relatively distinct look that it sports. If you want to stand out from the masses, you should consider Jackco. It comes with multiple layouts, forms, timelines, and other useful sections that take things to the next level.


oraxol bootstrap portfolio template
For everyone with a passion for dark and creative design, that’s when Oraxol comes into play. This Bootstrap portfolio template works well as is, but it also gives you complete freedom if you’d like to work on design improvements and other whatnot.

Do what you want – Oraxol will handle it with ease!

Its layout adjusts to every screen size smoothly, so you don’t lose on quality experience browsing on mobile.

Presenting your services, portfolio, even starting a blog has never been as fun as it is with Oraxol. A functional contact form is also available, so you don’t need to create it from scratch.


space bootstrap portfolio template
Space takes things one step further regarding simplicity and minimalism. If this is something you are after, your best bet is simply going with Space.

This Bootstrap portfolio template adapts to any creative mind out there. Not just that, it will boost your workflow through the roof, while still maintaining your professionalism intact.

The main highlight of Space is the awesome content reveal effect that spices things up without overwhelming and distracting the user.

If you would like to build a one-page portfolio website, go with Space again. A bombing template that will wow everyone.


photosen bootstrap portfolio template
Photosen is a more exclusive Bootstrap portfolio template that aims toward amateur and pro photographers by default. Of course, if you dig the style and dark mode, you can also easily tailor it to some other profession and services.

It has this awesome grid-style home page that you can use for different categories, services, or photography styles.

Keep in mind, everything is customizable, so you can introduce your creative touch without a sweat. Other features include a multi-level drop-down menu, social media icons, hover effects, contact and about pages.

Differentiate from the masses with confidence. Pick Photosen.


po-portfolio bootstrap portfolio template
If you are primarily looking for designs that are not too traditional, Po-Portfolio is another one to peek at. It’s a Bootstrap portfolio website template that triggers everyone’s interest instantly.

You don’t even need to edit it much, rather use it out of the box and save yourself even more time and energy. Sure, add your personal touch, but that will happen in little to no time.

Grid layout with hove effect, scroll down button, sidebar menu, creative blog section and compatibility with devices and browsers are (not) all the features you get in the Po-Portfolio kit. Enjoy.


unfold bootstrap portfolio template
Unfold your real potential with Unfold, a powerful, remarkable and eye-catchy Bootstrap portfolio template.

If you are a fan of black/dark design, you cannot go wrong with this one. It’s special to the very last detail. Plus, it features a single-page layout with a neat sticky menu (only appears when you start scrolling back to the top).

The bundle of features contains parallax effect, content reveal, brand logo slider and other neat animations and components.

I also like the footer reveal, which is not common on portfolio websites. Heck, pages in general.

Treat yourself right.


calvin bootstrap portfolio template
Designers may showcase their portfolio best with Calvin. BUT. This Bootstrap portfolio template offers you a plethora of other options and possibilities.

In other words, no need to limit yourself in any way, shape or form. With Calvin, you can create your dream online presence quickly.

Even if you are a newbie, you’ll still have a blast using it. Calvin is perfect for someone who is building their very first portfolio page or an expert.

Moreover, since it’s based on Bootstrap, you know the layout is 100% fluid, working smoothly on all screen sizes.

Make an impact with Calvin.


rezume bootstrap portfolio template
CV and resume websites are a piece of cake with Rezume. Okay, let me mention first: no matter which template you pick from this list, you will do yourself a favor.

Rezume is no different.

A powerful Bootstrap-based template for creatives and job seekers. Instead of doing what everyone else does, do it your way with Rezume.

Promote your creative spirit and professional services like a champ. With Rezume, duh!

When building such a website, don’t forget to include client testimonials that will help build trust. That’s something you can make happen by default with Rezume.

But there are so many other highlights that I’ll let you experience first-hand by visiting the live demo preview.


monarchy bootstrap portfolio template
Minimalism and simplicity always win. And if you blend them with some artistry, that’s even better. But you don’t have to because Monarchy already did all the work instead of you.

How cool.

You get different front and internal page layouts to showcase your business online expertly. You are welcome to use each layout without changing much or customize it further.

You can do you!

Furthermore, you can start a blog, which can work as a medium to get on an even more personal level with your (potential) clients and content marketing.

Achieve great things with Monarchy without breaking a single drop of sweat.

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