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15 February, 2023

10 Best Bootstrap Blog Templates 2023

We know you don’t want to make a mistake when picking the right tool from the available Bootstrap blog templates. We reviewed and tested them to deliver this batch of reliable and best options.

It doesn’t matter what you plan to blog about; we have a template for you. With these, you can create travel, food, fashion, business, sports, coffee, or any other blog.

You can go niche and you can go general. It all works!

Every blog canvas offers many layouts and features that you can mix and match a free will. You also have the freedom to make as many modifications as you want (or opt for the out-of-the-box version).

Create your blog quickly and efficiently. Yes, you will!

Best Bootstrap Blog Templates

1. Suppablog

suppablog bootstrap blog template
In this collection of blog templates, we tried to collect a broad range of designs. Let’s kick things of with the more unusual tool, Suppablog.

If you are looking for something that’s not too classic and traditional, Suppablog is the way to go.

It rocks a modern design you can use for blog creation. In our opinion, it’s best for niche blog, but you are welcome to go against the grain, too.

After all, you can customize Suppablog to your liking or use it as-is. Great navigability, slider, social icons, off-canvas menu and smooth scrolling, it’s all part of the kit.

2. Juli

juli bootstrap blog template
Fast, lifestyle, food and personal blogs are all possible with the help from Juli. This Bootstrap blog theme doesn’t limit you in any way. Edits and improvements are possible due to the well-organized code. Very beginner-friendly!

The template follows all the modern web regulations and uses only the latest technologies. You don’t need to worry about outstanding performance and experience across different devices and platforms.

Juli sorts it all out by default.

You get a massive slider with a start and stop functions, a multi-level drop-down menu, top bar, a subscription form, and a predefined section for your Instagram feed. Add your personal touch and make an amazing online journal with Juli.

3. Original

original bootstrap blog template
Original is a clean and minimal Bootstrap blog theme, versatile enough to fit all topics you’d like to write about. You can break down different categories and sections conveniently with the simple navbar. The menu is also a sticky one, always accessible.

Original grants everyone with a carousel above the fold, which you can use for latest or most popular posts.

Other highlights of Original are newsletter pop-up, back to top button, full-width Instagram-ready feed, social buttons and Google Maps. You also won’t need to create a contact form as it comes integrated into Original.

Start sharing your stories with the world via Original-based blog.

4. Opium

opium bootstrap blog template
The simplicity of Opium is on point, especially with the touch of the creative element it sports. As a Bootstrap Framework template, you know that Opium works smoothly on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

But that’s something you can test with the available live preview. I’d encourage you to visit the demo page, to see how awesome Opium is.

Yep, I’m a fan.

Everything is done with a nice touch of detail, creating a pleasant browsing/reading experience. Opium also ensures support and updates, but the length depends on the pricing plan you opt for. It starts at $19.

5. Andrea

andrea bootstrap blog template
Honestly, I’d really have a hard time picking the best Bootstrap blog template from this list. It’s more of a personal preference, which design you like more, because all the tools are top-class, packed with features and predefined layouts.

Andrea is no different!

You’ll have a blast using the template for its user-friendly code that creates a professional outcome. You are good to go only with the basic coding knowledge, which is a big plus.

Another specialty of Andrea are two sidebars. The left one is sticky, for navigation and a newsletter subscription. And the right one (not sticky) covers other stuff, like search form, categories, tag cloud and archives.

Andrea is great if you’d like to stand out.

6. Katen

katen bootstrap blog template
Katen is a Bootstrap template that’s powerful enough to handle both blogs and online magazines. You can select from five ready-to-use homes and enjoy activating all the other internal page layouts.

Fresh and clean are the two words that best describe Katen’s design (inspired by mobile design). With this approach, the author ensured great adaptability to different ideas, topics and wants that you have.

Every Katen gers a help file, professional support, updates and guaranteed quality check by Envato. As for the features, Katen includes smooth animations, sticky sidebar, overlay search form and gradient color option.

7. Newsfeed

newsfeed bootstrap blog template
Nope, we’re not talking about Facebook. Newsfeed is a modern Bootstrap blog template that works great for news sites. You can tailor this site canvas to a niche or create a general news-related page.

There are many options, so everyone easily gets the most out of Newsfeed.

You get a bunch of different home page styles to quickly find the one that resonates with you best. But if it doesn’t fit entirely, modify it. Code is easy, so you’ll instantly get the gist of it.

There are even three different post pages. And if you’d like to create a members’ area for the most loyal readers, login and register pages are also available to use.

8. Magberg

magberg bootstrap blog template
Magberg is capable of the quick creation of blog and magazine websites in dark and light modes. I am sure this grabbed your attention. It should be because Magberg truly is a remarkable Bootstrap blog template that you shouldn’t miss.

Four blog- and four magazine-specific home samples are available out of the box. On top of that, you get a whopping twenty practical pages, Sass integration and a functional contact form.

Special (parallax) effects, animations, Bootstrap 5, Google fonts and great documentation are all the other extras that Magberg delivers.

9. Pantera

pantera bootstrap blog template
As a metalhead, I am sure you’re pretty familiar with Pantera. Well, this is different. It’s a blog template based on Bootstrap and React that features five main demos and over forty UI elements.

All the components perfectly harmonize with one another, ensuring great operation out-of-the-box. Note: If you would like to fine-tune Pantera further, you can do that.

Along with the extensive online documentation, you can also get in touch with the professional support team. It’s all part of the deal for you to speed up the development process and create a powerful blog.

10. Binduz

binduz bootstrap blog template
Newspaper websites and blogs all become a reality with the quick-to-execute Binduz. Sure, you need basic coding knowledge, but that’s about it.

Binduz is easy to use and comes with heaps of ready-made material that will do you well. For instance, you get twelve demos, four headers and more than sixty blocks.

I know, right?! What a package!

Since Binduz has a more generic look it’s possible to use it for any news and blog website. You can do it with technology, lifestyle, viral, business, food, and then some with Binduz.

But first, indulge in the live demo preview before you fully commit.

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