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15 February, 2023

11 Best Bootstrap HTML Templates 2023

How do you pick the best design for your website from 1,000s available Bootstrap HTML templates? We created this collection, so you don’t need to do the tedious work.

We based our selections on quality code, responsive layout, easy customizations and beautiful default look. We also try our best to make the collections as versatile as possible.

With that in mind, you can create different websites without making things happen from the ground up.

Doesn’t it feel good knowing that any decision is right? On top of that, every HTML template also comes with comprehensive documentation and friendly support.

If you’d like to code your site, this list is a great starting point!

Best Premium HTML Templates

1. WebMag

webmag html template
As the name suggests, WebMag is the ideal template for starting working on an online magazine. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to create a niche one or a generic one, WebMag will handle it all.

Design-wise, WebMag keeps things clean and minimal. Your content matters most and, of course, the user experience. The layout is 100% responsive, so viewing your website on any device will be pleasurable.

One cool feature about WebMag is the floating navigation that only appears once you start scrolling back to the top. It also features different internal pages, social icons and a contact form.

Start sharing top-class content with the world by activating WebMag.

2. Glint

glint html template
Glint will let you enjoy the online wonders with its original and creative one-page design. This HTML template is great for any creative mind, freelancer, heck, or even an agency.

You can establish a solid online presence that will WOW everyone who sees it. And that’s exactly what you want – grab their attention! The background with parallax effect above the fold is something that spices up the overall experience.

And once you introduce your services, projects and other whatnot, you’ll have it a lot easier winning over new clients. You can also include testimonials, social icons and benefit from the brand logo slider.

3. Mediplus

mediplus html template
Mediplus is an all-around HTML website tempate that easily sorts out pages for different medical intentions. Doctors, clinics, hospitals, yes, you can use Mediplus for all of them.

You can either go with the out-of-the-box version or make adjustments and improvements. Any coding work you plan to do will be easy, thanks to the organized and well-structured code. Even if you’re just learning HTML, you’ll master using Mediplus without sweat.

Mediplus’s features include parallax effect, scrolling animations, floating navbar and Google Maps integration. You also get predefined consultation and contact forms and a blog section. The latter can work great for content marketing, sharting tips and more.

4. DeCoffee

decoffee html template
Even though DeCoffee focuses on coffee shops by default, restaurants and even fast foods can use it. You can now rapidly speed up building a new website showcasing your tasty menu, beautiful location and more.

Hint: you can even include testimonials/reviews to help build customer loyalty.

DeCoffee does everything with special care to ensure your website experience is on point. As a Bootstrap 5 template, DeCoffee follows all the latest trends and regulations of the web.

The only thing I might do some additional work on is the menu section. I find it a little unclear but minimal, which is a plus.

5. Jackco

jackco html template
If you wanna be bold, you wanna go with Jackco. BUT! You can easily change the vivid green background with another color if that’s not your style.

You may even use some other (even more) scorching color! 🙂

Anyhow, Jackco is for building a personal website that’ll not look as everyone else’s does. You will have no trouble standing out from the masses with Jackco – and that’s a guarantee!

What’s also really cool about Jackco is that you can use it to create either one- or multi-page websites.

So. Many. Options.

6. Pageone

pageone html template
One page or Pageone? Confusing? Not really. Business websites with a single-page structure are becoming more and more popular. Why not use Pageone to make one?

We are 100% certain you will love using it to create your online website just as much as your users/potential clients will enjoy browsing it.

Pageone is an HTML template with a clean and simple design, with creative touches that make it unique.

Hover effects, multi-level drop-down menu, floating navigation and a working contact form are all the goodies you get. You can even showcase your location on Google Maps!

7. Balay

balay html template

Interior designers and architects will surely enjoy how Balay does things in aim of presenting your business online. Creatively!

This Bootstrap-based template rocks a distinct design with many creative elements. But not too many, to the level of causing distractions.

The performance of your website will be equally amazing on desktop as it will be on mobile. However, you can A-test by accessing the live demo preview.

Along with the overall one-of-a-kind design, Balay’s other special move is the sticky sidebar/navigation.

Present your services, projects and a compelling about story on the internet with Balay. You’ll thank yourself later.

8. Unapp

unapp html template
Unapp is one of the finest HTML templates available for apps and software. You can easily create a full-blown presentation of your new project, which is necessary for the success you want to attain.

While Unapp offers a kick-start by employing it by default, nothing should hold you back from customizing it. Whatever approach you take, a great final product is just around the corner.

Unapp is quality checked and ensured to work fine on different devices and browsers.

You can choose between three pricing options, Single ($19), Membership ($129) and Lifetime ($349).

9. PhotoGallery

photogallery html template
Nope, we didn’t forget about photographers. I’ll tell you one thing: it’s not the easiest to choose the best design amongst SO MANY great ones.

But we settled with PhotoGallery. It’s minimal but not too minimal. On the other hand, it’s creative but not too creative.

All your photographs will shine online if you opt for PhotoGallery. Create a wonderful gallery, share more details, start a blog, yes, you did find the best in the field.

Furthermore, the contact section is also equipped with a working form and Google Maps integration. What’s also pretty cool about PhotoGallery is the (relatively wide) sidebar navigation on the desktop.

10. Europa

europa html template
And then, there are hotel and accommodation business websites. Sorted with Europa. Luckily, this template gives you enough space to display your beautiful location in all its glory.

It comes with a booking/availability form, different internal pages, a drop-down menu, video support and Google Maps, to name a few.

With the more general approach design-wise, Europa covers a broad selection of hotels, resorts, motels, even luxury villas and apartments.

Making drastic changes to Europa would be ludicrous. But you can still brand it with a custom color selection and other little tweaks here and there.

11. eStore

estore html template
An eCommerce website requires a lot more work to make a reality. But you will save yourself plenty of time with a predefined HTML template. eStore will do the trick with its simplicity.

It is more fashion-oriented but can work for other products outside the industry. No one said you cannot go entirely against the norm, like using eStore for electronics. Yes, you can!

Multiple online store-specific pages, CTA buttons, mobile-readiness and top bar with language selection are just a few of eStore’s features.

I’d also advise you to use the included blog section, as it can bring in a ton of traffic.

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