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4 January, 2023

15 React UI Frameworks 2023

There is now a massive growth in mobile and web applications. Users get a better experience in the speed of the application. That’s when companies also make an effort to achieve scalability. With so many options of frameworks to choose from, the software team indeed falls confused in the “paradox of choice”. Choosing a framework can be quite a challenging task. It may as well be viewed as a business decision and not just a technological one. React UI frameworks already have achieved popularity in the domain of web-based and online businesses. They are too perfectly good to use for a reason. What they can promise you is a great-looking UI. Understand as well that they are created with a mindset that concerns business. Faster web-page load speed, code reusability, and SEO friendliness are offered by react UI frameworks.

Onsen UI

react ui frameworks

Get interested in this development framework using JavaScript and HTML5. On the platform, all of the components are styled in an auto manner. It also supports both Android and iOS using the very same source code.

Its compatibility with other react UI frameworks makes it all the more amazing. And by using an interactive tutorial, you can start using this tool. It also actually utilizes pure CSS without the Javascript behaviour.

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Build ambitious products online with the use of Evergreen. This one is known as one of the best react UI frameworks. It can work out of the box just as it contains polished React components. What more, this is composable and flexible in a sense that it is built above the React UI primitive. Its UI design language is one thing you’ll love more of it. Trust that this can help you out with enterprise-grade website applications.

Among essential tools and components, it contains typography icons and colors, basic layouts, and function-related components. As per the latter’s components are the toggles, dropdowns, feedback indicators, and file uploads. Once you install it, you’ll be able to choose the components that need to be imported.

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Semantic UI

react ui frameworks

Semantic UI is the answer when searching for a react UI framework that helps create responsive and beautiful layouts. This uses human-friendly HTML that makes it more of a different option. And the mere fact that it is growing fast, you’d love to see more of what it can do.

Semantic UI comes fully-equipped with high-level theming variables. It also boasts an intuitive inheritance system that allows you to complete your design. Once you develop your UI, you can deploy a similar code everywhere.

Share your UI between various projects. Many have used this in multiple and large-scale production environments. With all its essential components cover definitions of collections, elements, behaviours, modules, and views. All these can cover the entirety of the interface design.

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React Toolbox

Fall in love with React Toolbox that is a set of react components. This implements the specification of Google Material Design. The creation of this react UI framework is made possible by the trendiest proposals of ES6, Webpack, and CSS Modules. This can be integrated well with the Webpack workflow. That makes it very flexible and easily customizable.

Settle with your best choice of React Toolbox that sets itself different from the rest of react UI frameworks. It has its responsive components that make the process of developing UI east. It is indeed what all of you have been waiting for.

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react ui frameworks

For responsiveness, modularity, accessibility, and theming, nothing can compare to Grommet. This is a react-UI based framework that is awesome among any others. It is up to you to mix, match, and even make stuff. Design composite components using Grommet. Build a library that meets your needs.

It is accessible as it also supports WCAG 2.1 specifications. Tailor the component library to align with your type, color, and layout needs. The best thing about it is that it gives you control with component interaction.

Even layouts can be designed to be more flexible. Grommet supports all devices using CSS Grid and Flexbox. Layouts are provided to those widescreen displays and new phones.

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Change the manner of scaling design and engineering front-end applications. Blueprint is the best solution for applying consistent and unified design across different teams. This has already been tested by designer and engineering teams. This can easily be picked up as it is well-documented, and actively maintained. Appreciate the fact that it is ready for you to use.

Build even more data-dense and complex web interfaces for desktop applications. These apps will, of course, run in IE11 and modern browsers. Blueprint gets support from Blueprint 3.o when major versions are used on the same web page. It also basically restores support for the React 15.

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React Desktop

react ui frameworks

Get a native desktop experience on the web with React Desktop. This one features so many Windows 10 and macOS Sierra components. To understand this framework very well, this works perfectly with Electron.js and NW.js. But the good thing about it is that it can be utilized in any project powered by JavaScript.

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Belle is designed to provide react components that include ComboBox, Toggle, Button, TextInput, Select, Card, and many more. The components it has are optimized. That way, this framework will work on desktop and mobile devices. Even the styles are in particularly customizable on 2 levels. Configure the styles of the base of the components if you want. Also, modify each of these styles individually. This is one of the react UI frameworks to try,

Regarding the Browsers it supports, these include the Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11, Safari, and Chrome. If you are interested in this theme, it’s good that it is available in npm package. After you have npm, Belle can be installed right away in the project folder.

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react ui frameworks

When looking for a react UI framework that is complete, Atlaskit is the way to go. This is not just a UI framework as this comes with a design. The react components are made according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines. They are simply reusable, compliant, accessible, and well-maintained.

As you look through the packages section, there are examples, code examples, and documentation. These can all be opened in codes and boxes for all components. These are also individually tested to be used in projects.

Get a complete setup of a React app by using Atlaskit-starter project. Also, run some of the Atlaskit components.

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Gestalt is introduced as a react UI framework that enforces design language of Pinterest. It is mainly used to streamline the process of communication between developers and designers. This is simply by way of enforcing fundamental UI components. These components further result in the accessibility across Pinterest.

The good thing about this framework is that it can be used anywhere for as long as it supports global CSS and ES6 module bundling. Because it is designed as a multi-project monorepo, it is possible that the components, docs, and integration tests are organized separately. Follow the guidelines on how to utilize it properly to serve your purpose.

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Material Components Web

react ui frameworks

To build usable and beautiful products, make use of Material Components Web. For first timers, this can be customized while the code can be fully implanted to create web apps. This is also interesting to use when you want to customize material components’ shape, typography, and color. Interactive demos have also been added to the components.

And for your engineering workflow, it can be completely enhanced using Material Components Web and documentation. You only need to browse the interactive demos and get the links for the design, code, and documentation guidelines.

Consider using this framework that proves to be a reliable system of components, guidelines, and tools. All these essentialities can best support the practices of UI design. Because an open-source code supports it, it means that the material streamlines collaborate between developers and designers. Teams can quickly build beautiful products.

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React Foundation

An easily-customizable and feature-enriched framework, React Foundation is simply what you need to choose from among the rest. This one is very awesome especially due to its simplicity. What made it even more awesome is the combination of Immutable and Redux.

In every part of the Foundation is the goal for them to be wrapped and turned into re-usable React components. This is regarding following the best practices of the Framework. The main focus is on extensibility and ease-of-use. Some of the pure render components are used called the stateless components. The purpose is to keep the memory usage to such a minimum.

The availability of components include the following: Callout, ButtonGroup, Breadcrumbs, Badge, Accordion, CloseButton, Icon, Grid, FlexVideo, Pagination, Progress, Responsive Navigation, and more.

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Material UI

react ui frameworks

When you install Material UI, source its files by npm. And if you will be using it, understand that its components work in isolation. They are considered to be self-supporting. The good thing about it is that you can take it to the next level considering the premium themes. These themes can be found in the official marketplace that is intended only for Material-UI.

With the strong support of awesome backers, Material UI is continuously being developed. This is a licensed open source project by MIT that await you to discover.

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React Virtualized

react ui frameworks

Consider adding React-Virtualized to your project. Take a look at it as much as possible to benefit from it. When it comes to its installation, it includes using npm. Keep in mind that it also has only a few dependencies mostly managed by NPM. It is just that the peer dependencies need to be specified by the project. That will help avoid version conflicts. NPM won’t install these for you but will instead indicate a warning message. There will be instructions that need to be followed when installing them.

Moreover, it aims to support recent mobile browsers for Android and iOs including evergreen browsers. Even IE + is mainly supported. Before the components created by react-virtualized include react-sortable-hoc, react-virtualized-checkbox, react-infinite-calendar, react-virtualized-tree, react-timeline-9000, and more.

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Fabric is a front-end and react-based framework that can help you build good experiences for Office 365 and Office. A collection of react-based components backs this. You will just find it easy and simple to create a consistent web experience. That’s also to say to use the Language of Office Design. Fabric 7 is still being developed.

There is a step-by-step tutorial that you can consider reading on when building a simple React app following Fabric react UI framework. Integrate all these components into your project. But, it will more likely depend on your setup. It is suggested that the setup use a bundler like the Webpack. This will resolve the package imports of NPM in your code. Bundle just only specific things that you will be importing. One of the best react UI frameworks you can find.

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Rebass is mainly a react primitive UI component built following a styled-system. It is impressive because of its beautifully designed and lightweight eight consistent, reusable, and extendable components. All these are built with customizability and responsivity in mind.

It makes sense to know more of its features highlighting: eight core UI components serving as the basis for design systems, themeable and responsive style props from the styled-system, extensible base components, design system with consistency, built with responsive web design in mind.

The founding principles of this framework heavily rely on the following: unopinionated, minimal, useful, flexible, consistent, extensible, themeable, and do one thing well.

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Elemental UI

With many of its elegant designed UI components, Elemental UI is one of the best reach UI frameworks. Get started with the installation. Before you do the building, you will still need a style theme. There will need to pick up the so-called element-theme-default. It is also recommended to have a writing code relevant to modern javascript.

Solve the requirements set by the world with Elemental UI. This will involve the projects you are working on. This is just so useful along its flexible theme and default-style capabilities.

Customize it as you want by having LESS, too. Love the fact that this is the cornerstone made by people who are experts in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

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RSuite mainly consists of react component libraries built by a UX team and a HYPERS Front-End Team. This went through three different revisions. A lot of components including rich functionality have been obtained.

All major platforms and browsers are supported by RSuite. It is specifically implemented and designed to be used on modern desktop browsers than just the mobile browsers.

What more, it supports server-side rendering and the Next.js in the building of applications. The development environment supported includes the following: Flow, Electron, TypeScript, and React 16+. Before the installation of this framework, it is mainly in the form of the NPM package. Since RSuite is licensed by the MIT, the more that you will like to use this.

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React MD

react ui frameworks

Mainly a set of sass files and React components, React md is designed as one of the few react UI frameworks you need to consider in mind. Implement it properly in the design of your project. It can give you a choice of the React components working with Sass. In this regard, there usually is a separation of Sass styles concerning inline styling. Thus, you will easily customize the components relevant to the existing styles.

Before the typography and colors, they can be customized, too. The documentation is also completely detailed to help you understand the basics. You just really need to realize the importance of React md to your project.

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