AdminLTE has smaller custom classes that not related to other components are listed here.

Text Size

You can change the font sizes with adding to any element .text-* e.g. (.text-sm).

  • .text-xs (0.75rem)
  • .text-sm (0.875rem)
  • .text-md (1rem)
  • .text-lg (1.25rem)
  • .text-xl (2rem)

You can also add .text-sm to body, with this you get a complete smaller font on the UI or can you add .text-sm to .main-sidebar or .main-header & .brand-link.

You can add the .dropdown-menu-lg to .dropdown-menu for a bigger dropdown menu.

You can add the .dropdown-hover class beside this classes:

  • .dropdown (to use hover for the whole dropdown menu)
  • .dropdown-menu (to use hover on a specific menu item & sub menus)
  • .dropdown-submenu (to use hover on a specific sub menu item & sub sub menus)

Form Control Bottom Border Only

You can change the form-control input to a bottom border only style with adding the .form-control-border class.