Contributing to AdminLTE

Contributions are always welcome and recommended! Here is how for beginner’s: Get started with open source click here

  1. Contribution Requirements :
    • When you contribute, you agree to give a non-exclusive license to to use that contribution in any context as we ( see appropriate.
    • If you use content provided by another party, it must be appropriately licensed using an open source license.
    • Contributions are only accepted through GitHub pull requests.
    • Finally, contributed code must work in all supported browsers (see above for browser support).
  2. Installation :
     git clone
    • Create a new branch
  3. Compile dist files (Development) :
    • To compile the dist files you need Node.js 14 or higher/npm (node package manager)
    • Delete ./package-lock.json file
    • npm install (install npm deps)
    • npm run dev (developer mode, autocompile with browsersync support for live demo)
    • Make your changes only in ./build Folder OR package.json OR ./dist/js/demo.js OR package-lock.json OR ./dist/js/pages/ OR ./docs OR in any html files which are necessary for contribution
    • Do not make changes in ./dist/css/ AND ./dist/js/ AND ./plugins Because it contains compiled files and do not include in PR (Pull Request)
    • npm run production (compile css/js files and test all pages are perfectly working fine, before creating a pull request)
  4. Create a pull request

Online one-click setup for contributing

You can use Gitpod(an online IDE which is free for Open Source) for working on issues or making PRs (Pull Requests). With a single click it will launch a workspace and automatically:

  • clone the AdminLTE repo.
  • install the dependencies.
  • run npm run dev to start the server.

Open in Gitpod