Layout Plugin

The layout plugin manages the layout in case of css failure to reset the height or width of the content.


This plugin is activated automatically upon window load.

Name Type Default Description
scrollbarTheme String os-theme-light Scrollbar Theme used while SideBar Fixed
scrollbarAutoHide String l Scrollbar auto-hide trigger
panelAutoHeight Boolean|Numeric true Panel Height Correction (true = default correction on load/resize; numeric = offset the correction on load/resize)
panelAutoHeightMode String min-height Panel Height Mode (min-height = sets the min-height-attribute to the content-wrapper; height = sets height-attribute to the content-wrapper)
preloadDuration Integer 200 Preloader Duration (Set in milliseconds)
loginRegisterAutoHeight Boolean|Integer true Login & Register Height Correction (true = single correction on load; integer = correction with a interval based on the interger)

You can use any option via the data-attributes like this.

<body data-scrollbar-auto-hide="n">...</body>
Method Description
fixLayoutHeight  Fix the content / control sidebar height and activates OverlayScrollbars for sidebar / control sidebar
fixLoginRegisterHeight  Fix the login & register body height

Example: $('body').Layout('fixLayoutHeight')