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6 February, 2023

10 Excellent Coming Soon Templates 2023

We like playing with the possibilities of coming-soon templates when working on a new website launch or site redesign.

Instead of creating an entire under-construction page from the ground up, we opt for a QUICK, ready-to-use design.

This made us review and test dozens upon dozens of templates, but we settled on these 10 best coming-soon templates.

We based this selection on quick integration, customization options, countdown timer, animations, newsletter subscriptions and contact form.

You cannot go wrong with any of these!

Start with the promotion NOW.

Best Coming Soon Templates

1. Unlity

unlity coming soon template
Starting hype for a new project or a website redesing happens quickly with Unlity. This remarkable, all-around, easy-to-use template is great for any business, regardless of the niche.

With the twelve demos at your disposal and complete creative freedom, you can quickly make the right coming soon page. I dig that it also come with a functional subscription form. You need to take every opportunity and turn it into something rewarding.

You can use a coming soon page for collecting leads, so when the official launch takes place, you have an email list to promote it to.

2. Zoon

zoon coming soon template
Zoon is one of the largest coming soon templates we gathered for this list. It’s big in terms of out-of-the-box working demos. You get 24!

Clean, creative, minimal and engaging, Zoon is everything.

Zoon uses Bootstrap Framework, which perfectly harmonizes with all modern devices by default. You only really need to focus on performing refining touches, which you will execute quickly.

A few goodies are newsletter subscriptions form, contact form, countdown timer and slider. You get 48 HTML files with complete documentation that will place you on top.

3. Hintio

hintio coming soon template
Hintio is one of my favorite coming soon templates from this list. It has this nice flow to it that triggers everyone’s attention immediately.

The template offers multiple styles, ensuring you find the right out easily. And in case it fits your style 90%, customize the 10% and make it match entirely.

Doing any design and performance updates will be easy for the beginner web developer.

If you’d like to make a difference, Hintio is one of the BEST OPTIONS on this list. But I’ll let the live demo preview convince you because they are banging.

4. Oleos

oleos coming soon template
Oleos at its finest, that’s what’s up when it comes to Oleos. A top-notch solution for building your coming soon page quickly, with as little effort as possible.

You save plenty of time, but you’ll still need to code your way through. It will be a piece of cake for anyone, even those with a basic understanding of HTML.

Twelve variations, catchy effects, six color schemes, and a functional contact form are just a few of the features that Oleos rocks. You can use it out-of-the-box, or you can spice it your way.

You have the freedom to do it your way with Oleos.

5. Temly

temly coming soon template
Temly covers many different industries by default with the twelve available demo concepts. In addition to that, every sample is also modifiable, so you can tailor it to your needs precisely.

No need to start from scratch anymore.

Temly is also lightweight, fast loading and mobile-friendly, so there’s no need to work on the technical side. Even though you will find it a little breeze using Temly, you can always reach out to the professional support team (24/7).

Unlock yourself the potential you deserve for a small investment with Temly.

Note: You get PHP files for newsletter and contact forms, too.

6. Balti

balti coming soon template
Balti is for everyone who like to opt for a more minimal design. Work on your coming soon or under construction page confidently, without building it from the ground up.

Balti is here to take you to the next level. Quickly.

Personal, business, corporate, agency, portfolio and any other website work with Balti.

You get to work with over thirty sample pages that you can use as-is or fine-tune further. Many reusable UI components save you even more time and skip the effort.

Nothing holds you back when you unlock access to Balti.

7. Mileno

mileno coming soon template
Okay, if you’d like every possible demo because you work on many different projects, then go with Mileno. A collection of over forty HTML files awaits you, readily available to put them into practice.

Different background styles, minimal and creative looks, lightbox gallery and Ajax contact form, this is Mileno.

In addition to all the specialties available, I like the freedom that Mileno gives all its users.

On one side, it saves you from the hassle of starting from scratch. But on the other hand, you can completely redesign Mileno.

The choice is yours!

8. Frost

frost coming soon template
You opt for Frost if you are looking for a vibrant experience even when it comes to a coming soon page. This website template delivers plenty of goodies that come in different samples that you can work with.

All the fun is in the details and effects of Frost.

Luckily, to experience Frost first-hand, visit the live demo preview and see it for yourself.

Once you go Frost, there’s no going back. (I just want to warn you, so you can thank me right away.)

Seriously, those coming soon designs are to die for. I. Can’t. Stop. Staring.

9. Oomph

oomph coming soon template
If one thing, Oomph is elegant, creative and stand-out. It comes in three main styles with multiple sub-styles, all functional by default.

It’s always a pleasure reviewing web design that does not look too traditional. And that’s exactly what you get with Oomph.

Don’t neglect your coming soon page. Rather make it extraordinary.

What’s also cool about Oomph is the optional internal sections. You can share a portfolio, write a compelling about us page and even include a contact form with Google Maps integration.

You can almost treat Oomph as a website, setting the bar high.

10. KasCo

kasco coming soon template
For everyone who still hasn’t found the right coming soon template, you cannot go wrong with KasCo. Tons of excellent effects and styles come by default, ready for you to tailor to your needs and regulations. Or use it out-of-the-box!

(I dig the “water pipe” and “snow” variations.)

KasCo uses modern technologies that ensure it operates smoothly across well-liked browsers and devices.

Don’t wait until you launch your (new or redesigned) website, start making some noise way before with KasCo.

You completely control the design, so achieve a remarkable result that will spark everyone’s curiosity.

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