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7 January, 2023

10 Epic Bootstrap Coming Soon Pages 2023

We did the hard work of picking the best templates so you can now quickly create professional Bootstrap coming soon pages.

From not knowing which to choose to knowing exactly which to choose, this review is here to sort things out.

For the most part, we made sure that all HTML templates are functional and packed with goodies out-of-the-box.

With that in mind, it doesn’t matter which to go with, they all work fantastically well. While the top three are our favorite, you can go with any other that interests you the most.

Announce a new website launch or use these coming soon template to inform your users that a page redesign is happening or some other update.


Best Bootstrap Coming Soon Templates


unlity coming soon template
Unlity is one of those coming soon templates that comfortably suits any website and every business. With a collection of twelve modern demos, you can easily find the right one by default.

But. Every sample is also easy to modify due to the user-friendly code structure. You can enrich it with your creative touch, brand it, whatever.

The options are pretty much endless. However, if you want the fastest results, go with the sample version as-is, tweak the content and you are ready to roll.

It’s just as simple as it sounds.


oomph coming soon template
If you are looking for a design that does not look too traditional, that Oomph is the right choice. You can now bring to fruition a Bootstrap coming soon page that is unlike any other out there.

While the default designs of Oomph are already pretty distinct, you can always make things even more special with your modification tweaks.

Note: you get twelve styles with three color skins and four content sections.

Oomph also includes a MailChimp subscription form, guaranteeing complete responsiveness and web browser compatibility.

Last but certainly not least, every user gets access to the friendly support team and extensive documentation.


oleos coming soon template
The 3rd of our favorite coming soon templates is Oleos. This creative alternative is another stand-out solution that will do the trick instantly.

You can save yourself plenty of time and energy for a small investment. Even if you are working on different projects that require a coming soon or an under construction page, you can take care of them all with Oleos.

Very adaptable samples with great effects and predefined color skins are all set to make magic. You can even add a video background or enjoy the cool snow effect amongst many other in between.


zoon coming soon template
Zoon is a giant HTML template for establishing 24 unique Bootstrap coming soon pages by default. But really, you can fine-tune all designs to your liking and unlock unlimited possibilities.

That’s what’s up when it comes to Zoon.

You can include a countdown timer, a contact form, a newsletter form, or avid it all and just use text. With Zoon, you can do things your way entirely.

Some other features are Google fonts, eight hero styles and two main layouts. You get 48 HTML files in total along with comprehensive documentation.

The updates are also available to ensure everything runs smoothly for years to come.


temly coming soon template
You can make a Bootstrap coming soon page creatively, professionally, minimally, or whatever your heart desires. Luckily, we have a design for you.

But if you are more prone to creativity, look no further than Temly. You’ll find it all and some in this big bundle of specialties.

Temly has something for everyone. No matter how picky your taste, Temly is here to change the way you build coming soon pages.

The samples come in many styles, more niche and generic, so you can comfortably find one to go live with as-is. But that’s not necessary, as you can alter Temly however you want.


balti coming soon template
And if something a tad more minimal is what you like the most, Balti has multiple appropriate ready-to-use templates.

With pure simplicity, Balti allows you to create image, video or slideshow backgrounds, to name a few. There’s a total of eight different backgrounds that Balti treats you to.

You can select between two main formats, text or countdown. Additionally, Balti includes pages like 404, terms of service and portfolio.

Like most other tools on this list, Balti also does not miss functional contact and subscription forms. Don’t miss collecting new leads.


hintio coming soon template
Hintio is a two-in-one template since it comes with coming soon and landing page designs. A tiny investment brings you four home screen styles, fourteen demos and four content sections.

This is just the beginning.

You can enjoy different animations, swiper slider, countdown timer and transitions. Hintio is powered by GULP and SASS and guarantees easy customizations.

Pretty much the only downside of Hintio are the infrequent updates. But that does not mean it fails at following the current web trends – it does!

Hintio is a catchy solution for making a coming soon page that will stand out from the masses.


mileno coming soon template
Whenever you find yourself in doubt when picking design, even for a coming soon page, always stick to simplicity. This always works regardless of the website, industry, business, it doesn’t matter.

Mileno is the right template that assists you in swiftly building the necessary Bootstrap coming soon page for your (or your client’s) project.

With over forty HTML files, you immediately know that Mileno has quite some stuff to play with.

The template also ensures regular updates with possible improvements, so you’ll always want to check what’s new with anticipation. That’s it! Now it’s up to you to make this happen at an increase speed.


kasco coming soon template
KasCo is an engaging HTML5 template for forging Bootstrap coming soon pages that will WOW everyone. You are welcome to preview the live demo first before you commit.

However, once you get the feel of it, the chances are high you will not want to go back. That’s perfectly fine.

You will grab everyone’s attention with KasCo. And that’s a good thing, so don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy the amazingness of KasCo.

Two main styles come in several additional themes, which deliver many great options by default. You even get an about and a contact page.


berlio bootstrap coming soon page
Berlio is a full-blown HTML template you can use to create an entire agency or business website. Why are we even mentioning it?

Because it comes with a coming soon page that you can use individually or part of the entire bundle. After all, Berlio does not have a problem adjusting to a wide range of business intentions.

In short, don’t let your imagination limit you. A lot is possible with Berlio, which you will better understand after reviewing the live demo preview.

Note: Berlio also comes with regular sales, so you don’t need to pay the full fee to access all the cool perks.

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