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14 February, 2023

10 Best Laravel Templates (Free & Premium) 2023

Today, we want to share the top Laravel templates we took extra time reviewing and putting through our quality check properly.

You can choose between premium and free dashboards, as we wanted to make sure to cover all users.

Remember that even though premium templates unlock Many features, you can still make great things with the free ones.

Hint: Most of the premiums are available as free options. In this case, you can test the waters for free and only then dive all in.

We based our selection on great design, 100% responsive layout and great customization options.

You have it all at your fingertips.

Ease the development process of your next app with a ready-to-use template.

Best Laravel Templates

1. Argon

argon laravel template
Receiving a 5-star rating out of twenty reviews is pretty solid. But there’s so much more awesomeness that makes Argon amazing.

The design is absolutely on point. No matter what and how many stats and other details you’d like to monitor, it’s all easily achievable with Argon.

The bundle comprises two hundred elements, sixteen plugins and 25 example pages. Argon is based on Bootstrap 4, ensuring great performance across different devices and screen sizes.

You can first flip through the documentation to get the gist of it. Top tech support is also available – just in case!

2. Material

material laravel template
Yes, you thought it right! Material gained inspiration from Google’s Material design. A fresh and light look for everyone who enjoys leaning more toward simplicity.

So, design – sorted! 100s of components – sorted! Documentation and support – sorted!

You save yourself a ton of time and energy with Material. But it’s not just the fact that you don’t need to start from scratch that saves you time. Even configuring Material will be a piece of cake (read: beginner-friendly).

You can opt for three pricing options, starting with Freelancer at $149. This kit supports one project and one developer. For more, you need to pay an extra $50.

3. Black (Our Favorite)

black laravel template
Since this list is not based exclusively on our favorites, you won’t find our FAV at the top. Here it is – Black!

If you are particularly looking for a dark design, this Laravel template will do the trick. Undoubtedly! Note: this same design is also available in light mode (see Creative-Tim’s website).

All the two hundred available elements are easy to beautify even for an absolute newbie. Still, you need to have the Laravel and coding basics to process successfully.

But you will master Laravel with comfort no matter which template from this list you pick. Go for it!

4. Now UI

now ui laravel template
Now UI is a flexible combination of the necessary material (and the some) that helps you develop a powerful admin dashboard in a little breeze.

This Bootstrap and Laravel template with 160 components is a dream come true. You’ll also benefit from multiple plugins and example pages!

Everything works in perfect order for you to quickly set things up. Make things happen like a pro (even if you’re not)!

You also don’t need to worry about anything. Now UI’s support, documentation and regular updates keep you at the top of the game forever.

(Starting for free is also an option.)

5. Paper

paper laravel dashboard template
Let’s face it, design matters when it comes to admin panels. After all, you may spend a lot more time on the back-end than the front-end.

On top of that, no one enjoys distractions and fancy effects when reviewing stats. It may make you miss something.

That’s when Paper comes into play.

A superb Laravel template that is mobile-friendly and uses only the latest technologies.

You can work with 160 elements, thirteen plugins and five extra predefined pages. Everything is editable, so you can tailor Paper to your app needs and branding regulations accordingly.

Start with the right foot forward. Start with Paper.

6. White

white laravel dashboard
Do you remember me mentioning the Black template but as a light mode? Well, here it is, White. Instead of changing the dark design to make it light, go with White immediately.

It’s the same amazing Laravel template with two hundred (200!) components, multiple functional plugins, and page layouts.

You save upwards of ninety hours of development work. 90!

Calculate how much you’d charge for that and you’ll immediately realize that White is a bargain at $149 for the starter package. You can also opt for Company ($199) and Enterprise ($449) plans if necessary

7. Light

light laravel dashboard template
You will notice that all Laravel templates we picked primarily focus more on the minimal and simple side design-wise, including Light.

By now, it’s pretty obvious why because they work!

Light is also coded with fast loading and great performance, ensuring an excellent experience. The template also has functional CRUDS, so creating an active admin will be even easier.

The three available plans you can choose from mainly different in the length of support and updates, the number of projects and involved developers.

Indeed, it’s also possible to start with the free alternative if you cannot completely decide just yet.

8. Argon (Free)

argon free laravel template
Here are the three free alternatives that are the most promising ones, starting with Argon. With over 30k downloads and a 4.90-star rating, you know immediately that Argon is a user favorite.

Creative-Tim succeeded with Argon by offering more than other free Laravel templates on the market.

First and foremost, you get a whopping collection of one hundred elements. And to make it even better, you can play with customizations to your heart’s content.

There are also sixteen page layouts and four plugins at your disposal. Argon is no joke, more premium than free.

9. Material (Free)

material free laravel dashboard template
Material is slightly less popular and has slightly less material to work with. Still, it’s a dope option that simplifies the process of developing admin panels and dashboards.

Make it like a champ without starting from square one. Even if you are learning to work with templates, this is an excellent option to master the game.

It takes you a lot less time from making a prototype to a functional app when working with Material. Take things to the next level no matter at what skill level you currently are.

Things are possible and a lot easier to achieve with Material.

10. Black (Free)

black free laravel template
Since it’s our favorite, we also needed to add Black’s free version to this list. I know many of you were waiting for this to happen. Free dark Laravel template!

Compared to the premium version, this one has significantly less material. It appears to be a more basic template with only sixteen elements and three plugins. But for someone starting, that’s more than enough. We need to appreciate the free stuff around us!

Like any other template on this list, feel free to see the Black’s preview before you take the plunge. Enjoy.

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