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17 September, 2023

10 Free Bootstrap Calendars 2023

We are happy to present our complete review of the best free Bootstrap calendars you can use with all your web applications.

Free does not always mean half-baked. At least not in our case. We only collected snippets that you can now use comfortably and confidently.

All these calendar templates follow the latest trends and regulations, ensuring outstanding performance and smooth integration.

The code structure is organized and beginner-friendly, so you know embedding the calendar of choice into your website will be a piece of cake.

Hey, they are all free anyway. You can even test a few variations (like we did) before picking the winner.

Best Free Bootstrap Calendars

1. Calendar V01

bootstrap calendar 01
If you need something simple that does the trick, look no further than Calendar V01. It comes with a row for switching between months and an entire monthly schedule.

The current date is marked with a blue circle, but you can also select date ranges that turn grey.

2. Calendar V03

bootstrap calendar 03
Instead of displaying just one month like the previous free Bootstrap calendar, Calendar V03 showcases two.

This template has a minimal design that smoothly adapts to different screen sizes. It also has the option to choose any custom date range you want between the two months. You can also select longer but must move between months with the back-and-forth navigation.

3. Calendar V05

bootstrap calendar 05
Don’t want to use another boring calendar on your web project? No problem, pick Calendar V05. This creative approach to showcasing dates has a neat grid layout.

The year is in the first column, month in the second and day in the third. The middle is always the current date, highlighted with a tad more brightness than the purple color scheme. This one will do the trick if you add a widget displaying today’s date.

4. Calendar V07

bootstrap calendar 07
Calendar V07 is another free Bootstrap calendar with a more creative approach. It has a split layout where one section displays the current date on an image background and the other is a full month’s display of days.

You can switch between months, back and forth, and pick dates. You cannot select a date range and the current date is marked pink.

It would be cool if the “today” button would reset the settings, taking you back to default – current date.

5. Calendar V09

bootstrap calendar 09
Calendar V09 is a full-blown date and time picker all-in-one. If this is something that you are after, you don’t even need to scroll more. PIck this free Bootstrap calendar snippet and import it into your project.

The design is minimal, perfectly adapting to all types of devices and screen sizes. You can sate the time and date, delete selection, move between months and more. It is not your everyday time picker, so take advantage.

6. Calendar V11

bootstrap calendar 11
Calendar V11 comes as a simple date picker with a pop-up function. On selection, the screen dims, giving you all the focus on the date selection.

Additional options are one-click today’s date selection, clear and close. You can also move between months but that’s pretty much it. Sure, it may be simple, but that’s enough for most users – including us.

7. Calendar V13

bootstrap calendar 13
Calendar V13 differs from the previous one because it offers a date range selection. Great for bookings but you can use it for anything else you find applicable.

Date selection appears as a drop-down with the same three functions as Calendar V11. The mobile experience is also great, date fields stacking one on top of the other.

8. Calendar V15

bootstrap calendar 15
You can make date range selection even more simpler with Calendar V15. The functions are reduced to the bare minimum, giving an option of specific day selection only.

The code of this free Bootstrap calendar is beginner-friendly, just like with the rest, so everyone gets the most out of it. This calls for easy integration into your website or another project you work on.

9. Calendar V17

bootstrap calendar 17
If you came this far, you’re interested in more free Bootstrap calendar examples. Calendar V17 is another great widget that comes as an inline calendar with results.

It keeps the appearance simplistic, allowing it to adapt to different website designs and branding more comfortably.

10. Calendar V19

bootstrap calendar 19
I’m sure many of you were waiting for a Bootstrap calendar for events and schedules. Calendar V19 is exactly that. It’s a larger format, displaying the entire month, which gives a much better overview.

Every field can have multiple events in it. If there are more than two, a “+# more” appears, opening a small pop-up with all the events. The top right corner features a button that takes you to today’s date and an option to check previous and next months.

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