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6 February, 2023

10 Best React Project Examples 2023

If you want inspiration or to save time with ready-made templates, these React examples are perfect for getting involved.

We scoured the web, and tried and tested a bunch of different options and solutions to collect these ten best for your convenience.

What’s cool? We wanted to do something different.

Instead of focusing only on premium tools, we also sneaked in a few reliable free templates.

You don’t always need to pay a fee to start working on your admin dashboard.

All these React examples use modern technologies, which make them easy to work with and great performing.

With 100s of components, different page layouts, and color skins, you can easily mix the default material into one solid base.

Take charge and make a difference. Now.

Best React Project Examples

1. ArchitectUI

architectui react template
ArchitectUI is our most well-liked React example that we highly recommend. It is flexible and powerful enough to easily handle all sorts of projects you work on. Applications, websites, software, it all works for ArchitectUI.

The dashboard is powered by Bootstrap 4 and ReactJS, coded with beginners in mind. Even though you still need programming skills, ArchitectUI only really requires the basics.

Very convenient.

You can also work with heaps of color choices, fix elements, add a sidebar image and more. There are five predefined dashboard styles for analytics, commerce, sales, CRM and the minimal look. The latter even comes in two formats.

2. ArchitectUI (Free)

architectui react free dashboard template
You’ll notice that many of the premium React examples on this list also come as a free solution. ArchitectUI as well.

With that in mind, you are welcome to start without paying for the dashboard and open your wallet only when necessary.

ArchitectUI is one of the best free templates for creating quick admin panels. While the features are not as vast as the pro version, ArchitectUI still ensures a great outcome.

The layout is 100% responsive, optimized for great performance on different devices and platforms. Swift prototypes are now possible without starting from scratch. With ArchitectUI!

3. Material

material react template
With thousands of downloads and two hundred elements, Material is one of the premium React examples that covers your ideas with ease.

You will achieve great admin creation even by employing only the default settings. Also, you can choose from different colors and configure other practical features.

On the other hand, you also have the right to make adjustments so that Material truly follows your needs and regulations.

Due to its extensibility, you will easily use Material for different dashboards, whether something small or big.

Material makes sure collecting and monitoring data and stats happen from one location.

4. Material (Free)

material react free dashboard template
Material is great because you don’t need to go with the pro version immediately. That’s why we want to bring you the free option, which has a whopping 130k+ downloads.

As a free React example, Material still contains thirty elements, two plugins and seven example pages. What we also like about the template is that it comes with regular updates. You know it follows the latest trends continuously and works without a hitch.

Since it is free it does not offer premium support but you still get access to the extensive documentation. Note: if you have some more basic questions, the Creative-Tim staff will offer helping advice in the comments section.

5. Light

light react template
Light is another exceptional React example that comes in two versions, pro and free. Let’s focus on the premium template first because this one delivers oh so much practical material.

Sixty custom-made elements ensure you get the necessary components, forms, tables, maps, charts and more. Different color skins, sidebar image (or no image at all), mini sidebar and sticky (optional) navigation bar, it’s all available.

Now it’s your turn to activate Light and quickly develop a powerful admin dashboard. Which you undoubtedly will!

Note: You can get Light by choosing any of the three pricing plans, Freelancer ($49 – the cheapest), Company and Enterprise.

6. Light (Free)

light free react template
Due to the great popularity (60k+ downloads), the free version of Light keeps the user satisfaction factor extremely high. With more than 300 positive reviews (4.9/5 stars), you know Light is doing something very right.

Hence the name, the template light on the eye and light in structure. Light ensures top-notch performance on smartphones, tablets and desktops, too.

Building a CMS, management system, admin, web app back-end and anything else happens quicker than you think. Not only do you get many elements and page examples, you can also choose between six color filters for the sidebar.

7. Black

black react template
You already know what to expect from Black. It is a dark React example that actually also comes with a light version. Some of you may like the design but not the fact that it’s dark. Choose light. Or go black, it’s up to you.

Black is one serious alternative with hundreds of downloads, 160 elements, fifteen plugins and seven predefined page layouts.

What’s great about any of the Creative-Tim templates is that they listen to their users and implement requests as new features when a new update drops.

However, Black is not updated too often, but it’s optimized to the point that it functions flawlessly.

8. Black (Free)

black free dashboard template
Once you go Black you never go back. That said, if you go with the pro version, you’ll stick with it.

But for all the rest who are unsure or want to set something up quickly, go with the free edition of Black. It has significantly more downloads (at 28k+) but fewer features. Hey, it’s free!

You can switch between dark and light modes (see live demo) and even select from three sidebar background colors.

Don’t you think if it’s free your dashboard will be half-baked. Not even close! Black ensures you get the most out of it, whether a newbie or an expert.

9. Argon

argon react template
Argon is a professional React example that stands out with its minimal appearance. All the details, search bar and navigability appear distraction-free regardless of your device. Smartphones and desktops, it’s all OK for Argon.

Argon includes many tools, widgets, and cards, comes with example pages and supports SASS.

Quick dashboard fix is oh so happening with Argon. It is a template for Bootstrap 4, React and Reactstrap. You can create remarkable projects with a basic understanding of the technologies.

No need to be an expert.

Depending on your pricing, you get at least six months worth of support and updates.

10. Paper

paper react template
If you are looking for even more React examples, you should not miss Paper in your life. With Bootstrap 4 and Reactstrap base, you know this template is on top of its game in terms of performance and ease of use.

To make it all sound even more exciting, Paper consists of 160 elements, fifteen plugins and five example pages.

Fun fact: the free version also exists.

Start with a lot or a lot less material, it does not matter, you are set to develop a resourceful dashboard successfully. We also like the regular updates that Paper gets.

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